Hair Care Products

Shampoo Lanopanthen:

•  Contains panthenol, aloe extract & lanolin.
•  Softens and nourishes hair.
•  Prevents brittleness and falling of hair.

Hair ampoules with Aloe ,Aloe with Panthenol & Aloe with Henna:

•  Contains natural Aloe Vera extract.
•  Nourishes the root of the hair.
•  Prevents brittleness and hair falling .
•  Fortifies hair and gives it vitality.


Nardine Shampoo:

• Contains Aloe extract and silicone oil.
• Offered in a variety of fruit aromas (coconut peach apple).
• Covers the hair with a film of silicone oil to soften dry hair and gives hair luster and vitality.
•  Nourishes hair follicles.

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